Thursday, 24 March 2011

Why we used male actors.

I thought the idea of male actors would be much more interesting rather than the obvious a woman being "blackmailed". This is a very obvious move that all directors make; I wanted to be more unique. Using male actors will attract more male audiences, with the technology, this will draw in more of the younger generation and also because men begin the film, women would be interested in how good looking / sexy the men look, so this would also draw in the female audience. I did not want the women to follow the stereotype of being seen as weak and vulnerable so they had to play the role of someone filming them in their own house, and they get scared and call for help or something. I wanted an original clip that would interest all types of people from different age groups, with men going against their stereotype of being strong and not scared of anything, this would make the men even more interested to watch the film and be interested to see what happens further on in the film.

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