Thursday, 24 March 2011

Personal Problems

During filming, I was very upset that we weren’t allowed to film during the week we had off college, which I believe slowed us down in editing.
To arrange and try gathering my entire group together was a big problem, as some would arrive late, some would arrive half way through class, and some would not even attend. This really aggravated me as I felt although I was producing all the work for the group.
Whilst filming, I felt although I had to tell the group exactly what we needed to do, this we stressful as they knew exactly what we needed to film in order for this two minute clip of ours to be to the best of our abilities. We all planned the story board together, and yet they did not know what the next shots where.
Furthermore whilst editing, I was very upset, as my group didn’t seem like they wanted to do anything, most were playing on their phones or playing with their iPods, listening to music and not understanding I need to communicate with them to see if they agree with what I was doing for the whole group. They did not put any input into the clip, I felt although I was being pressured into editing as we have a deadline to meet and none of my group was being pro-active, I attended workshops and stayed after college.
I wave upset that my group didn’t understand the programming also as we all have learnt how to use these programming’s, but putting them to use, apparently i only knew how to use the programs.

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