Thursday, 24 March 2011

mise en scene

Our mise en scene was their is create a very excited and shoked impact towards our audience, we wanted our audience to wonder why this character has been recoreded. our cigerrets and pakage gives out our biggest props in the thriller. we decided to use a cigareete to simbolise stress and tention. i think our most powerfull shot would be the over the sholder shot of faysal when he identifies that he has been watched , and also the fact that we see beers and wine next to his laptop simbalising and evaualting that he is a drinker and he may have stress.
in addition , when josh the delivery man was wering a black suit simbalising that he has come from a very important place, and he is doing an imprtant job. Also faysals simplae dress sense gave a sense of normality in addition to his actions waking up brushing his teath.


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