Tuesday, 29 March 2011

how does your media product represent particular social groups? Question 2

I chose to look at a film called stepfather , this was a thriller that inspired us the most , we as a class all watched this thriller , we indicated that from the opening sequence the man is doing his normal daily routines , but  however he seems to see dead body’s but still carried on as normal.  From the opening sequence there is only a man introduced this indicated that he is the main character, the man in this thriller gives out a very normal imagine of himself, this is only the first half of the opening. Likewise in I.C.U the same principle is applied, the main male character is doing his daily routines, but the weary music behind it gives a sense that something is happening, The similarities are that the personality and character these males bring out both in Stepfather and ICU is similar both give out a normal image of them self, but however something is going on. However, the difference is that the situation is different, in stepfather he sees dead body’s but in ICU he is getting recorded seems like he is getting followed.

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