Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation - Audience Feedback and Comments - Question 6

I have promoted my thriller opening using facebook, youtube, vimeo and twitter. This has helped me gain audience feedback, negative and positive, so I know what I have done well, and what I need to improve on.

 Here you can see that i have promoted my thriller opening on facebook, and have also requested for people to give me feedback on a different social networking site, 'Twitter'.

My best comment that i recieved was posted by 'Cee Nguyen Vi' "Good of use angels, background music fits well.. however the sounds are too loud (door squeak, typing on the keyboard)" This has helped me realise if i was to re-produce this thriller opening that i would improve my skills on soundtrack pro.

I used another device to upload my thriller opening onto, to recieve even more feedback from other viewers, it is good that i have used youtube as it is world wide, and anyone can have access to it.

From YouTube, I also recieved a really good comment, that can help me with futher evaluatuion of my thriller opening.

" it was great:) great job editing and cutting the clips. the only thing i would fix is the audio. there are points where i swear i hear a girl talking in the end of a clip from off screen. color correction/brightnesscontrast would add something to the video. otherwisse, great job ;) "

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