Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 1 Comparison to Other Real Media Products

In this title sequence shown above (DEXTER) there are many similarities to our opening to a thriller also. I have shown this down below in comparison.

As you can see the first still shot of the film DEXTER is in bold capital letters, we have also got a similar title in capital letters, centred and bold, contrasting with the background and standing out, letting the viewers know exactly what our title is and lets the opening carry one.
In the second shot it is a over the shoulder shot, of the man looking in the mirror, we have a shot where it is angled so that the camera is not viewed in the mirror, very similar to the opening of DEXTER. We also have a title in our sht as well as the real media production.
The 3rd shot is a very close close up of the male actor shaving, we do not have an exact matching shot, but we do have a close up of the toothpaste and the toothbrush, presenting to the audience that this man is going to brush his teeth, the delayed action of our male actor squeezing the toothpaste onto the toothbrush builds up a lot of tension within the scene.
The next shot is almost the same as our shot, we have our character spitting into the sink, and the still shot of the real media production has blood. Both shots are very similar, and both link to the previous shot, helping the audience link the actions of the character together.
The centre shot of the very close close-up of the egg, is amazing, we do not have a close up of anything, but the idea of food it is similar as we have a shot of our actor mixing the tea.
The next shot in the real media production there is a really close up of a knife going down on the orange. We yet again don't have a close-up shot but we do have a shot of cutlery and lots of plates left in the sink. The 7th shot is a close up of the actors hands, and we have a very similar shot of our actor taking the CD out of the packaging, this is very similar as it is suspenseful as we don't know what both characters are going to do with these props. Close ups are used int he next shot once again, in the real media production the prop is so close we can barely tell what the prop is, which makes it very suspenseful, also our close up explains our character, he is very stressed, smokes, wants to take his mind off things etc. The last still
shot is very similar to the real media production, rather than a portrait view of our character we have a side view of him lighting up his cigarette.

It is clear that we have used the inspiration of the real media production ‘Dexter’ to help with our shot types in our thriller opening. We have also used intertexuality from ‘The Stepfather’ also, for  the opening of our thriller, intertexualising the idea of a male waking up and getting ready, we have some clear intertexuality shots from our thriller.

Furthermore, we have also been inspired by the opening of the real media production ‘Seven’, as the title sequence begins with its production company, after about 00:40 seconds, as the research we have produced before in class, showed us that normal real media thriller openings, titles do not roll in until 00:30-00:40 seconds. We followed the sequence of the titles, of what comes next, intertexualising the title sequence of ‘Seven’ to try and convince our viewers that our opening was professional.

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