Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The film 'Seven' has a discrete opening and title sequence with a child like writing font, making it seem shocking and disturbing seeing a childs writing opening the thriller movie which most definatly strikes the audience.

The film 'Rocky' uses the font Franklin gothic heavy. As you can see the title is presented in big bold curvy writing it is very eye catching and takes up most of the upper poster. This i believe is a great film cover as it reflects simplicity and sophistication at the same time. The writing seems as if it is being squashed as it's so huge, which links to the manin character Rocky as he is this big muscular man, yet lives a smiple hardworking life. Having such a plain background bring contrast between it and the title, making it a main focus on the cover.
In class we talked about the poster of Pear Harbor which uses classic Serif font, the title is shown in large capitals which grabs the audiences attention and makes it very eye catching. The capital letters show the importanc, power and boldness of the movie. It could reflect the actors above who are dressed in military clothes, so the captials could represent the order and seriousness that the military go through. Also, the way they are positioned also shows that they have responsabilities through their military costumes this all reflects the movie title.

 The font style in this poster looks metallic, this suggests that the movie is about cars or something because cars are metallic. The way the font is layed out on the car can help people know what the film is about too. 
Looking at the opening of 'The Step Father' It is obvious the font is Impact and has been placed with a shadow also. I think this is very simple, and bold. It doesnt give away the film and it doesnt have any connotations appart from the colour of the font which could represent blood. I really like this font and may consider using it in our opening clip.

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