Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation -question 1 conventions

 The first box has an image of the title. The shot is in clear bold writing. We have also got similar writing as our one is bold also. In addition the background colour for DEXTER contrasts very well with their bold red writing the same applies to I.C.U the black is great with the white writing.
The second shot is an over the shoulder shot of the man looking into the mirror, we have a familiar shot when faysal is looking towards the laptop, this I think is great in to different ways, as both the mise en scene is used very wisely in DEXTER he is looking into the mirror, however in I.C.U he is looking at the laptop our key prop.  The third shot is a very close up shot of the male actor shaving, however here we do not have a similar shot but one that can match is when Faysal is brushing his teeth using a prop, just like in Dexter when he is using a shaver. These closes up shots allow the audience to see the normal activities these individuals are doing but a very suspenseful meaning behind it. The 4th shot  is the most familiar  shot we have with DEXTER, this is a very close up shot of a plug hole , however in I.C.U this shot is not a close up shot and is not a main shot , in ICU the character just spits out his toothpaste into the plug hole. The next shot, is just a close up shot of a prop, both these shots must give an indication of something in particular, in Dexter the shot of the egg, is amazing it is clearly shown to give some sort of indication of something, in ICU the close up of cigarettes are there to show that the character is stressed and has some sort of tension about something. Another conventional shot used is the mid shot of the characters face, in DEXTER it may show stress and some sort of suspense; however in ICU this is just a mirror reflection of the character.

Overall, I believe Dexter is the closest we can get to comparing; however we have also used interxuality from “the stepfather”

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