Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation- Question 6 audience feedback


I have also promoted my thriller, using face book and YouTube; this has me a overall feedback and evaluation of my thriller. This has allowed me to see whether I have done well, by getting these feedbacks I have got both positive and negative feedback, which has given me an overall picture of my success.

We discovered in the end that, this thriller will more likely to appeal to adults then teenagers, but some will have an interest also.

We asked some students in class “is this the type of thriller you would watch in the cinema”
These where the responses

“I think it was good, and I would love to see what was behind the story of him getting recorded”
“It isn’t really my thing, but that’s me personally but overall I think it is very suspenseful and interesting”
Then after the cinema I asked some students what they thought of our thriller.
“I love the digested sounds, it was very creepy especially the door handle bit”
“The shots where marvellous, this is defiantly something I would love to watch”
So out of 10 ,  7 said that they would love to go watch this film and all these students are at the age of 16 to 17 , shows that this can be our target audience after all.

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