Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Day Of Editing

Today was the last day we could edit our film, everyone was so behind on work, everyone was behind on blogging and everyone seemed very hesitant and anxious in the class. Because the media suites were very packed as 2 classes were running at the same time, we had to settle down quite quickly and get straight to work as we had a lot of work to do.
We opened up all the programming’s to try piece the final parts of our film today.
- Final cut Pro
Cutting down our clip even more, as it was still 3 minutes long, including titles on this programming as we had no time to keep producing fancy titles on Live Type.
- Sound Track Pro
We had to add all our non-digetic sounds to our digetic sounds to amplify the noise so that the actions in the clip are more obvious and noticeable creating more suspense.
- Live Type
The title had been produced using this program, all we had to do was export the file and import it into final cut pro, and place it on the time line.

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