Thursday, 24 March 2011

How we came up with our Idea

How we came up with the idea is that we were all in class, and we were put on the spot to quickly come up with an idea that will grab the audience’s attention with the two minute clip we was about to produce. One of our members was not here for that lesson so we decided to go ahead and plan without her.

We all came up with good suggestions of what we wanted to happen in the opening, I was sitting in class, and I was thinking about a clip I saw on my Facebook profile page, I was at a party and I had been filmed without noticing and I was tagged in it when it had been posted and I thought that was really creepy that someone was filming me and I was unaware.

This is when I came up with the idea of for our thriller opening; a man will watch himself being played back on his laptop of him getting ready, in his own house. I thought it would also create more suspense if someone, (not a average postman) delivered the package which was a CD for the man to play back on his laptop.

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