Thursday, 31 March 2011

Media institutions that distribute our thriller. Questions 4 &5

The internet has allowed us to distribute our thriller to a wider audience; this I think will help us understand who our actuarial audience is. In the beginning we believed that our audience is based upon teenagers, but let’s see after we distribute it on the internet.  Already our thriller will be getting a cinematic screening amongst our fellow thriller makers. This will help us see what our fellow peers think about I.C.U , after the cinematic show this will allow me to ask my fellow peers if they would pay £8.oo to watch this thriller.  It will also be released on 200 copies, allowing other members out of the age group to see it also.  My main aim is to show my thriller too many different age groups to see which ones it aims towards the most. The internet such as you tube videos will allow many different age groups to see our thriller , especially face book , because it has many different age groups on that social network. This thriller done by students called GENESIS has got many hits as well comments, this is defiantly a way of which we will be following. The views on this thriller are a massive 19,715 which shows that their distribution through you tube has helped their thriller get watched. Also By posting this link on face book so that face bookers can click on the link and watch it on you tube this  will get more viewers also as it advertises it, also as it is a low budget student video , it will also be released on vimeo as it has an inderpendednt low budget production company.

These are the diffrent places where our thriller can be distributed at


Also in order to promote , we would promote our film with no cost on newspapers like METRO , becuase they are very commen newspapers.

I would also consider advertising it on leaflets , magazines bus stops and Tv adverts because both men and women watch tv adverts.We would also think of some potential sponsers , i suggested Tv adverts such as neghbours or home and away as they are well known watch Tv series , this is a  part of a particular style of marketing for our thriller.

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