Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation - Questions 1: Conventions

The title sequence I am comparing mine to is 'Dexter' because of all the similarities between them.
Above is the 'Dexter' title sequence. I've set out screen shots of our title sequence the way they have so its easier for me to explain. In the first box we can see the word 'Dexter' in big bold capitals which we incorporated into our title aswell (see image below). Both title sequences show what the main characters do in the morning once they've woken up. In image two of the 'Dexter' title sequence he's looking into the mirror which we kind of copied in our version (third image).

In the 4th ikmage of both title sequences you can see both characters are using the sink. Images 5 and 6 of both sequences show breakfast being made which adds to the suggestion that its the morning time.

Once we had reached the last 3 images the only mutual features were that they were all closes ups of what was going on at the time.
The seemed to have incorporated a lot of the 'Dexter' sequence without even noticing but we're quite happy with it because of how good that sequence was. We could of done much better the some of the shots of ours though.

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