Sunday, 30 January 2011

In any film, the opening must give a slight knowledge of how the film is going to be. There should always be a clever twist most times in thrillers there are tense music played in the background to create suspense and cautiousness. The opening film can all depend on the target audience and the genre of the film. And in this case thriller movies should consist having some creepy music to create the atmosphere. When we looked at title sequences we noticed that there are three structures.
A opening with the titles running through out
As you can see this video causes tension in a very simple way, the audiences must ask their self why this car is getting followed and why is there is such weary music played in the background.  This clearly shows one structure that you can have when having an opening. This structure I believe is the best way as it opens the scene this is something I may consider in my group.

Titles over a black screen.

The Donnie Darko creates a very suspenseful video. He has a very slow but unusual video we wait to se the child get up. He creates anxiousness as it help the audience prepare a scene of how the opening scene may be.  the title sequence is placed on a black screen at the start of the film and then ollows on with very smothing but scary  music.

A distinct title sequence
This movie seven has constant massive close-ups shows very disturbing behaviours very weird behaviour which all links towards the music the weird crazy but mental music as well as the close-up shots in addition the hand written fonts give a sense of personality it illustrates his mental state.

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