Sunday, 30 January 2011

font analysis :Research

In class, as an additional help and better understanding on fonts and how they are used in movie sequences and titles we where taught in lesson that the fonts in movie sequences are there to help reflect the movie. In my opinion before this lesson, I use to think that the title had no impact on the film it was literally there for appearance. But in fact most movies reflect their titles towards their films. We also learned that when we design are own video sequence we should think very carefully about the font because it should always reflect the thriller itself.   

There are two types of fonts that are seen on many movie sequences these are the traditional and formal fonts. This is Serif fonts – such as times and courier. Serif fonts these are slightly much more formal then sans serif fonts.  Serif fonts are usually the extra little detail and the end of every letter these are most used in newspapers over then magazines. Sans serif fonts are used in magazines more often these is more modern and less classical, these fonts are fonts such as Arial and comic sans.

For example the film PEARL HARBOUR  uses classical serif font the title is shown in large capital bold letters, this makes it very eye catching. The capital letters show importance, power and seriousness. You may think why I have included seriousness I believe this is shown through the mise en scene as the uniform directs military and importance and also the way they are positioned as if they are taking it very serious and it also shows that they have responsibilities through their military costumes this all reflects towards the title.

The film “ROCKY “uses the font Franklin gothic Heavy.  As you can see the title is presented in big bold writing it is very eye catching and films most of the viewer’s attention. This I believe is a great film cover as it reflects what I am trying to explain, as you can see the writing seems like it is being squashed it also is in big bold letters , this links to the character rocky as he is this big muscular man.

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