Friday, 14 January 2011


Intertextuality: Is the term analysing the reference between films. How this works is films “borrow” from each over taking aspects from films and transforming it in different ways. They can borrow a certain camera angle  , sounds ideas est.

“What lies beneath”
In this scene, the lady walks into the bathroom full of steam; she walked in very slowly and takes the plug out to let all the water to go down the drain. As she looks she sees a girls face in the water which then she starts to scream then finally her boyfriend or husband comes in to comfort her, this leaves her hugging him very tightly as she seems very scared.  The aspects borrowed from “PHYCHO” are the setting which is in the bathroom as well as the close up shot of the plug hole as well as the draining water; in addition “what lies beneath also borrowed the running shower head.  Lastly I also noticed both thrillers caused a very anxious frightened edge after watching them.

" the stepfarther"
A man looks into the mirror the suddenly dramatic music comes on whilst he looks into the mirror once again with blood on his face causing a very suspense feeling.  He then gets into the shower and shaves resulting him looking very different with very load but stern back round noise to create anxiousness. He then does the normal average things, whilst there are children on the floor dead but it seems as if he can only see this.  The borrowed aspects are the rip of the shower curtain.

In this scene , the girl walls into the hallway , heading towards the shower room , while the man is taking a shower the girl brings out a knife hides behind the wall and once the man comes out the shower she stabs the man many times. The aspects borrowed from “PHYCHO” where the shower the stabbing as well as the camera shots which indeed falls under taking some of the mise en scene.  

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