Monday, 17 January 2011

Collateral: Suspense.

Bag swapping 
 In this scene, two people are normally walking through a busy airport, then suddenly the two men bump into each , drop their bags at the very same time then walk off with different bags.  What makes this scene suspenseful is the use of camera sound and shots. When we see vince all that can be heard are his footsteps along with the normal airport noise, however the footsteps are louder which causes curiosity. When we first get introduced to tom cruise he has a number of close up shots as well as mid shots, from these shots it helps as understand that something is going to happen. The second character is also introduced to us in the same way which helps us understand that both these men having something to do with each over.  Also noticing that the effect of the camera lens blurs everyone out except the two people this creates anxiety on why both these men are getting the attention, it gets the audience thinking. When both men “casually” bump into each over it seems so normal, as they both make quick conversation but then take each over’s bag. This creates the suspense; In addition to help create suspense a very rapid upbeat music comes along.

when vince and max visit the fist individual that gets killed and dropes on top of the taxi
In this scene, Vince has tricked max to driving him around the whole day. Max the taxi driver has been asked to park in the ally way, this caused an anxious feeling towards why he had to park in that specific place. From the moment Max parks his car, there are a lot of cross cutting from the taxi to Vince creating tension and suspense.  Vince walks through the corridor looking for a flat, which then a lot of cross cutting is used to build up curiosity and suspense. However the main part which causes suspense is the part where max waits in his taxi listening to music and eating , while Vince is followed by load TV notices which then he sees a long view of the car which then comes back to max sitting patiently waiting. Finally the audience is horrifically shocked when a body crashes on top of the car.  

 This is near the end , where Vince is out to kill Annie
This I believe is the scene where the most suspense is included. Here the tension and fear builds up when Vince enters Annies work building. And max has discovered that he has gone into the building to kill her. The tension starts to build when Max calls Annie to tell her that Vince has come to kill her. Secondly the anxious feeling when Max is on the phone to her and at the same time Vince is making his way to the door. In addition the use of mise en scene comes in when the load music starts to get louder and louder as Vince gets close to her. Also as the camera is behind him this causes tension and suspense as the room is dark and we know that he is going to shot her.

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