Friday, 14 January 2011

Thriller sub-genre research

There are a lot of sub- genres in thriller films, such as romantic political EST. However this thriller sub genre is a physiological thriller. In class as we watched several different thrillers the one that caught my eye was Memento, the thriller started off so simple but yet so interestingly, I believe it had a lot of artistic moments as they used lots of close up shots which represented the quick twists on objects. The Mise en scene in this thriller begins with a photo being taken, with a close up shot to help analyse the theme on the story which in my opinion is something to do with memory. Also throughout most of the clip it starts to rewind, performing great editing skills to help transmit the idea of memory or a flash back.  This creates suspense and mystery causing the audience to ask their self what is happening as well as questioning as the music plays in a very mysterious way.

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