Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Introduction to editing:Skills

When it comes to editing your clips and putting it all together, we had to use this programme called Final cut pro. This is such a wonderful programme it was quite simple once we got a hold of it. First of all we had to drag all our clips to final cut and then figure out which one goes where by viewing each clip individually. When you start editing, there are many options such as blurring, or dissolve this can be found from the tool box. In our video clip we had used dissolve this is a transaction from one clip to the other. We also learned how to delete bits from a clip, as this was an essential tool for us as many parts came out wrong but final cut pro allowed us to delete this bit without any hassle. In addition we were also educated to mute and delete sound from the clips and input our own sound. This was easily seen on the time line where it helped us input different effects to make our thriller the best it could be.

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