Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Font analysis research

Serif fronts - such as Times and Courier, these fonts (Serif fonts) tend to be more traditional and slightly more formal than sans serif fonts which are generally more informal and more modern and come across more friendly, fonts like "Ariel" and "Comic Sans" do this.

This image to the left, uses the font " P L A T I N O " it's significance is to be bold, powerful, to stand out, to give a sense of historical facts and momentous time in history which changed the world today. From analysing this font, this film is about the army, and the font is perfectly spaced out and gives a sense of regime.

The font in "Rocky" uses the Frankiln Gothic Heavy.
The purpose of impression it gives the audience just by the font, is the bold and round texts, its bold and strong like Rocky. However this font style helps build his stereotype character of a alpha male, however the cover of this film, give a sense that the film is not just about fighting, that romance is accompanied in this film, and this can be shown from this image below.

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