Wednesday, 26 January 2011

introduction to camerar: Skills

In class we were introduced to cameras that we will be using in the future to produce our films. This I believe was a very useful lesson as it helped me as well as my group understand the key dos and don’ts. One key rule that we learned where to always shoot on manual and not automatic because the picture is very poorly. This helped allot as I saw a massive difference when it came to putting the practice to a test run , I noticed that when it was on automatic I had to figure out a lot of things and do a lot of things by myself , which as for me is a huge disadvantage as cameras seem to be very tricky to me.  Another basic skill that we were educated was to never zoom, only when focusing a shot.

After learning the key skills, we tried it out our self we all had our turns to put the battery inside the camera as well as placing the camera on the tripod, this also was a basic rule that we were taught to try and use the typhoid as much as we can, as it helps make the picture much more clearer. Resulting the shot to be much more smother also. In the end we had to put all the skills to practise and shot a mini clip of a bag swap, this allowed us to experiment and get familiar with the camera. During the filming we tried to remind our self to use various different shots such as close up mid shots over the shoulder EST.
In our mini clip we used






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