Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thriller clip: JAWS

A very good example of suspense in a thriller movie is Jaws. An amazingly intelligent, powerful, riveting, and terrifying film that stays with you for a lifetime -- a true masterpiece of horror without the most obvious silly supernatural elements, with raw suspense that many filmmakers try but fail to recreate even to this day.
Within the film Jaws, suspense is created using a number of micro features, these features consist of; mise en scene, sound, editing and camera.

Within this clip from "Jaws" holds a technique where suspense is created is named the false plateu, this is when a significantly large amount of suspense is created and then let down because it was an event not relevant to the situation.

This scene is set where everyone is at the beach, laughing, playing and absorbing the sun as usual, nothing strange. This gives the audience (us a viewers) a sense of security, and reassurance that this is all normal, as the set is very relatable with the audience, we (as the audience) also feel relaxed and laid back, the editing is quite quick, but this does not affect the way we as an audience think, but the fast editing does create a sense of excitement on the beach, and very careless, carefree, light mood, like the people on the beach.  There is no music, only the digetic sounds of people on the beach, the smooth sounds of the waves washing up on the beach, then the eerie music intensifies when the shark is introduced to the scene moving slowly though the water. The camera moves slowly, as the shark travels in the seas, once people catch the attention of the fin in the open waters, the music volume increases and this almost tells the editor to cut the camera shots really tight, creating suspense, thrill and excitement as the movement of people on the beach become quicker.
Just as Psycho made people afraid to go in the shower, Jaws has done the same for people going into the water at the beach, forever planting in the mind that unseen danger lurks below the water's surface that can destroy a human being in seconds, in one of the most horrific way imaginable.

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