Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Livetype and Sound

After doing the "Bag swap" practice film, we took the video clip into "final cut pro" then imported the files from Livetype. In Livetype there are many types of fonts and other music files to help create an atmosphere, there are sound clips which add a sense of mystery, and some sounds clips like a crash or a scream to add to the effects and emphasise  what the clip is trying to deliver.

Though sound is a vital contributor to the delivery of an effective thriller clip/movie, the right music or sound needs to be played, for example in the opening of the shining. The shining start of with slow paced music and follow through out this extract, the long cords give a unwelcoming and distorted feel to the beginning of the clip which then makes the aaudience prepare on what they should expect in a film like this.

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