Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Practice film 1 - EVALUATION

Once we got introduced to the cameras, we filmed our first short clip. It was a short bag swap, inspired by collateral. What my group did was a similar clip we had two student’s one going down the stairs and the other going up; they both bumped into each over and exchanged bags. This was fairly simple; we took many clips and uploaded it on final cut pro, which then we put them in order and put together a little bag swap scene. What I learned from this practice film was that we took very little clips which caused us to have little trouble whilst editing. We had to cut many bits from clips because of how many we had. In future I think we should take many more shots incuse that ever happen again.  What I liked about our video is that it was so simple but covered all the areas, such as suspense. I also believe we could have improved the editing , because it was our first time editing on final cut pro we was not familiar  with it. 

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