Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Response to "watching" Documentry: RESEARCH

In class we watched a documentary, Thomas Sutcliffe included and elaborated that openings much be engaging as it much keep the audience interested for them to be able to continue watching the film. Tomas Sutcliffe main point here was that you must ensure that you create a good opening in order to gain your audiences attention.

In addition, Danny Boyle also tells us that the opening has to show as much potential in order for it to keep the audience watching the film. However, not every one agrees with these points, Jean Jacques tells us that the opening scene should not be so “dramatic” she believes that the audience should experience an organic building with excitement also , apparently this reaches to the climax.  Jean also says when trying to get the audience attention through out the whole film, it can sometimes be hard, but includes putting effect throughout the film. In my opinion, the opening of any film must be very engaging but very suspenseful, as it should not reveal the whole story line; it should get the audience to feel curious.

The beginning shot is very hard, because you have to ensure that the audience do not no everything for them to be able to continue watching the film successfully. In addition, the introduction of characters and setting, allows the audience to react in a certain way. The director will have to try to make the audience want to know more about the film.

Stanley Kauffmann, a film critic described the classic film opening to be a shot of the city of new York, and then carries on to zoom into a particular place for example end up showing where the characters live or work.      

An effective title sequence is something that grabs the audience’s attention. A great example is “Sev7n”. This title rather tells the audience that there is a psychotic feeling and tone towards it. The way it is presented kind of tells us there is going to be a mysterious storyline.

Orson wells, the director of citizen Cane, wanted to bring the film straight away , this for him was going to be winning as it allows the audience to forget their even watching the film this was a “touch of evil”. However, Universal studios did not agree with him and put the scene titles in, this caused the opening to be less successful.

The shinning , I believe is a great being of opening , the use of high angle shot , or even say “ a bird eye view” flowing the car along with the weary music concludes the audience to wonder with suspense and curiosity.

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