Thursday, 3 February 2011

Evaluation of prelim film

For our prelim video it was essential to try and do this very successfully, as it was 15 marks towards our overall grade.  In our prelim , we had used many different types of shots such as close ups over the shoulder, long shots EST. Also he had criteria that we had to follow such as we had to include a match cut as well as the 180 degree rule.
I believe that the point of view was a very good idea because it kind of allowed the audience to see the position the person was at. It also allowed the audience to have that sense of suspense; furthermore the shaky filming gave a sense of realism as the character goes to his destination. In addition the 180 degree shot allows as to see the suspense created when opening the door, this in a way was like something is going to happen. The long shot helped the audience see the surroundings.
Whilst doing our planning, we included every shot in our story board so that we know exactly what to do when we produce our prelim, also to help produce our prelim we done a jelly baby animatic this was basically taking pictures of jelly babies and taking different shots of them. This helped us to make our actuarial prelim. This was very clever as it kind of gave us a sense of how our prelim is going to be. This was a disaster at points as we had lost our work due to UN plugging our hard drive. This was good in a way as if this would have been our actuarial prelim, it would have been a disaster.
While we where editing, we used some fades to move to one clip to another this was a great transaction as it creating a very tense movement. We also had to shorten some of the clips as we made some errors whilst recording. What i learnt from this is that from all the recordings that I and my group have done, we have always made the same mistake, which is less clips. So now I know for our actuarial thriller that we must take a lot of video clips in case.
If I could re- do this , I would defiantly take more shots and much more clips so encase we make mistakes we have a backup clip so it isn’t a total failer. I would also make sure that the editing is done more effectively, also when including the texts in the prelim we used final cut pro , so for our actuarial thriller make sure we go beyond it and make it more interesting and less simple. Also the lighting in some shots was causing the shots to be very UN clear , so that could be one thing that i would take into consideration.

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