Tuesday, 1 February 2011



This is our PRELIM that we have produced. I took part in the acting, directing and filming. I enjoyed this very much as I knew as a directer exactly what I was doing, as we had planned the sequence all out on a story board, listing what shot types we would use, and what would help make the production more suspenseful. I enjoyed filming as I always received the self satisfaction when I know I have recorded a good shot,also filming have given me the opportunity to spend more time with the camera and understand what effects, and settings to make the shots look better.

The editing I had missed the start of the class, but into class on time to help finish off the editing so I would understand how to produce this sequence using Final Cut Pro, learning new skills e.g. how to dissolve clips, include soundtracks, audio and text.

This short-film allowed us to incorporate a title sequence, sound and even opening-credits. 
Unfortunately there were quite a few errors when uploading the film which we did not realize until after we uploaded the film. But I have used my time during lunch, and after school, or even attending school early to try and fix these errors.

I believe all this editing has helped me and my group a great amount, and this will help towards our final production.

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