Thursday, 3 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film 2

In our preliminary film, we used many styles of shots, close up, over shoulder shots, long shot, point of view shot.

Personally when we where going to record, I thought the point of view allowed us to give the audience feel like they where following the character to his final destination. The long shots allowed us to give a sense of our surrounding which is vital, it helps the audience visualise where we are, and what our final destination could be without mentioning it. The 180 degrees shot allowed us to follow the door opening, it felt like we where the eyes behind the scene, which builds tension.

Whilst editing, Me and Josh, where editing the clips, and I suggested we used the fade to create almost blink like effect, which made it more convincing that we where the person walking in the point of view mode. We had to shorten the transaction of the fade to be very fast, to give a sense of a blink, then we switched to a long shot, we had to carefully edit this to match both clips to be in the right order and to have me at the same position, when switching camera angles.

Personally if I could re-do this, I would make sure that we had better lighting and the point of view shots where much more clear and re-defined to look much more realistic. I think in my final film piece I can take in consideration the lighting and the effectiveness of camera shots, as close ups build tension, for example the close up on the door handle made me feel like something going to happen when the door was opened, this technique grabs the audiences attention straight away, and I plan to do this in my final piece to keep my audience interested.

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