Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Prelim 1 evaluation

In our prelim 1, did a remake of the bag swap from "Collateral" the purpose was to create a suspenseful scene from doing something so simple, like a bag swap, we used the college as our location, and planted the shots to capture both sides of the staircases to see person 1 and person 2, this technique for us allowed us to edit, and build suspense, we used over shoulder shots, close ups and point of view, the point of view shot allowed the audience to almost be in the position as person 1 & 2.

Though our imaginations for a perfect suspense scene was being experimented with due to the lack of experience with the camera to produce good clips and steady shots, the lack of knowledge how to use final cut pro, didn't allow us to meet the expectation we had.

over all I think that the idea's of what we where trying to do was great, just executing them was a bit more difficult, though personally I shall take this prelim film as a stepping stone to further my skills in editing and camera work, to produce better work next time.


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