Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jelly Babies- Animatic

In one of our lessons, we used jelly babies to make an animation; this was a storyboard to help us plan our preliminary.  Firstly we draw up a story board then made little settings for our jelly babies. In this animation we used various different shots which include close ups, mid shots, long shots, high angel shots, over the shoulder shots and low angle shots. This was great as it was a practice before we make are pre –lim. Also in addition in doing this practise animatic it helped me see how I am going to set my actuarial pre- lim . It helped me visualise on how it is going to be. This all went well , as we finished in one lesson we starting editing on final cut pro. But if i could improve on anything , i would make sure i spend much more time on it.

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