Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Camera Skills

JVC Final Cut Pro Camera: How To Use The Camera

We should be very careful with the camera lenses as it can get fingerprints on it which would make shots look dirty and blurry. Keep the camera away from water or fire. If there is a scene in the rain make sure a big umbrella is used. Make sure when not using the camera the lense is closed, to stop dust from getting on the lense.
The camera is very expencive and fragile, like a baby it needs to be treated with good care.

The battery is inserted in the battery slot which is located at the back of the camera. If you want to take out the battery, push the eject button which can be found on top of the battery slot. Do not try and force or pull the battery out, or this will damage the battery slot which may cause the batteries not to work when placed in the camera.

Memory Card:
  The memory card is used to save your clip when filming, its like a USB, you can save your work on it. Using the memory card, you can simply slide it into the memory slot on your PC and transfer the files onto your hard drive. The memory card slot can be found at the left hand side of the camera, bottom of the mini screen.

Camera Tripod:
Slowly slide the camera on the top of your tripod until you hear a click, when you hear the click, that's when the camera is locked in, there is a further security botton on the side which you turn which completely locks the camera in so it cannot even slide the slightest bit. If you want to release the camera from the tripod, push the eject button then slide it out. Tripod would be useful for panning and still filming. Tripod can release its legs to become higher or lower for different tilt shots also.

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