Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Problems With Filming

We are very behind on our filming schedule, simply because our teacher did not give us permission to take out the cameras. We are supposed to film on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd February 2011, but this meeting to film was canceled, this is due to our teachers not allowing us to take out the camera's on Friday 18th February 2011.  

On our 3hour lesson Tuesday 15th February 2011, our teacher Donna had given us the yellow sheets of paper to allow us to take out the cameras. Donna told us we could take the cameras out from Friday 18th - Wednesday 23rd February, so we could film, and return the cameras for the other groups to have an opportunity to also film. In her lesson we pitched, she explained to us that our group had the best idea's, and the best PowerPoint to date. We had to expand on our target audience, so she could have a clearer idea of who we was aiming out thriller towards.

Thursday 17th February 2011, we had a 1hour 40minute lesson with Mary, I could not make it for this lesson as I was ill, (I was ill Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Donna knew I was not well on Tuesday, as I could barely speak and I was burning up and had a very bad cough). I asked some of the student that were in the class, and they had told me that Donna had mistaken Mary, as Mary said we could not take the camera's out to film during half term. After I discovered this I asked my group what happened, but as they are unreliable I had to ask a member of another group. I was told there were only 2 camera's for the whole of our class when we have 5 groups, so Mary decided to put names into a hat and pick 2 names out, and they were allowed the camera's. I believe this was very unfair as those groups may not have had the best pitch, and they may not have been as perpared as my group. I believe my group was very well prepared, as we knew exactly what we were doing, where we was filming, what angels we needed and everything was scheduled.

Now we are very behind on filming, deadlines are drawing closer and closer, and i am anxious for my own group. If Donna or Mary have any complaints with out work being posted late or questions on why our filming is taking so long this will be because we were not allowed a camera to record like the rest of the 45 groups in the whole of our college.

Also Mary and Donna has said we can film during class time, this would be very difficult as when we get back to college we have an estimated 3/4weeks to finish our Thriller opening, edit it, include sound and titles, film it and also evaluate everything. In our 3 hour lessons, we have arranged to film, but we have been told we have to come to college for 9am and collect the camera, and go back to my house, which is in Tottenham, this will be quite some traveling so by the time we reach it will be approximately 10am, we will most likely have an hour to film, and then we have to leave to reach back to college in time to return the cameras. I believe this is a very unorganized set up for our group, and I believe if we fall behind or have a lower quality Film opening, it is not to be blamed on us.

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