Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thriller audiences: research

To be honest in my opinion I am not a great fan of thrillers, but from my own knowledge I can tell that thrillers require a certain kind of audience. Thrillers are not every ones cup of tea as they are not aimed at a mass market they consist a very niche market. In order to gain the audiences interest they must come up with something suspenseful as well as new. Also noticing that thrillers have become less popular due to more comedy or romantic films, this has given thrillers a negative role. Also in addition noticing that thrillers are quite limited they are usually interested by men, and are aimed at them also. 
In addition to my point, as you can see from the diagram, there are more women interested in the romantic films.  And majority of the men interested in action. But however I can see that thrillers interest men rather then majority of the women, I cans see this because crime, action Sci fi are more ales similar to suspense.
From the thrillers that we have studied and watched in class, have different ratings from all of them being 15 and “Seven” being the only one that is 18
SEVEN (18)

This tells me that, from the ratings above as well as the picture, thriller audiences are aimed at the older generation. The reason being is these films are quite complex and will consist some knowledge and understanding to be able to understand it.  For example a film like “Seven” is in a way very disturbing as the story line for the opening is very weird but clever, the man uses the blade to cut himself, he also sows the book, this story line is very hard to understand which is a favour to my point as it proves that thrillers are aimed at the older generation, but also the film seems quite manly as women would find something like this disgusting and hard to watch, however men would find it suspenseful and interesting. This information helps me decide on what kind of thriller I would like to make. And what type of target audience I would like to appeal to. However it has also helped me notice that having a comedy thriller or a romantic thriller will attract a wider audience. Because it consists  on appealing to genders , also the fact that comedy is in between female and male , tells me that a comedy thriller will be the best one in order to attract a mass audience. So this is something I will keep in mind when making my thriller.

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