Thursday, 3 February 2011

Editing: Bag Swap


This is the first video that i edited by myself. I find the editing to be more interesting that the written or camera work because honestly that seems to be my strong point.
I was suprised with the finished product of the "bag swap" because when i first saw the shots and angles that we used and the small variety of clips which we had I saw the task of making a clip as good this quite difficult but using final cut pro i manages to salvage the good clips and make them flow nicely with no continuity errors.
When i first opened final cut pro i was confused by the layout but the actual program was not to difficult to use. I was impressed with the way you could easily add effects and dissolves to a cut to make it flow easier. 

For my first edit, I am pretty proud of myself and also my team for my acting partner who managed to make it easier for me by pointing out parts in which he believed i could edit better.

Overall I was very impressed with the finished product for "The Swap" :D

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