Thursday, 7 April 2011

Queston 8

Last blog that is going to be made this year J Ahh what a long journey it has been , but this very last blog , is going to be the progress in which I have made , from the very first opening that we approached. So i am basically going to compare the first opening preliminary task to the very last actuarial thriller that we made.

So, the prelim, this was our first film and now that I have made my thriller, the prelim, seems very badly made and low budgeted, the camera work for our prelim, seemed excellent at the time, which was understandable because we were new to the editing and sound, however now that I have made my thriller, I can see that the angle shots very badly recorded as well as it seemed very unprofessional. The image that I am using is a long shot, as you can see that this shot was not very well done, you can see that the angle used wasn’t completely straight I think this was because we never used a tripod, this caused the angle of the shot, to put us in a disadvantage because it didn’t follow through smoothly. However, with the prelim it allowed us to practice using different shots, it also helped us understand the importance of different shots, we realised that our camera work was a fail because we tended to use constant fades to make it look as smooth as possible. In our prelim the story line was not easily assessable; it was quite hard to understand, I think this was because of the lack of coordination as well as angles and shots.
So in our final film , we decided we had to work on our mistakes , we made sure we used a tripod for every single shot , it was time consuming but made a very big difference to the shots. The way we done this was we made sure we followed a variety of shots, from older the shoulder close up long shots point of view Est. In addition, because we didn’t use many shots in our prelim we made sure we included them, the funny thing is we had too many much cuts in our thriller that we had to cut down on them. More over another problem with our prelim was the lighting it was very poorly used, the lighting had a big effect towards our prelim it made it look like it was dark even though it was set in the morning, however in our thriller, we made sure that the lightning wasn’t getting in the way we used it in the most effective way possible and watched it through before we left Kerens house.

So the props used for the thriller, was excellent, I will say we used the right types of props in inherence the understanding of our thriller. For example the cigarette was very effective, as it showed that the character was stressed.  Also the alcohol at the back ground, showing the audience that he is a drinker as well as giving the sign that thing’s must be on his mind....
I would say overall prop use in I.C.U was used very effectively almost the whole 2 minute thriller was to do with the importance of props. For example the main prop was the disk that was an indication showing that he is getting watched. However in our Prelim we had hardly any props, we had nothing, and our prelim indicated hardly anything. I say from our prelim we had made a MASSIVE improvement when it comes to PROPS. The location of our prelim was in college this gave a very UN serious tone towards or prelim it seemed like it was a very low budgeted film, it did not look professional at all. This caused the poor lighting and the bad scenery. However we were very blessed when it came to the location as the location used was in a house and the weather alone that day was great so he reflected the light over. Also the costume that the individuals where wearing in our prelim did not take the story line seriously it made it seem like effective and UN serious. However in our actual thriller , the costumes where planned well, the man posting the letter wear a suit indicating that it is sent from a serious person and the main character faysal , in the beginning wear boxers to show that he got out of bed and demonstrating the normal norm.

The editing for our prelim wasn’t the worst but it was bad compared to our thriller , we learnt different ways of using final cut pro as well as we were getting familiar with live type and soundtrack pro. We had less cuts in our prelim and more dissolves and fades because of the amount of shots we used. I would say when it came to the editing of our thriller, we tried to do the best we can do, the editing I would say was a big improvement from the prelim it came out much more smoothly the sound the titles came out more effectively. Aldo the main improvement I believe the sound, in our prelim was very poorly however in our thriller, we made sure we picked a suspenseful sound so it can contract the best of its ability when it comes to our thriller.

The teamwork in our prilim was ok , but it wasent the best as it could be i think this was becuase we dident really no each over that well,but over the weeks we got more conftable with each over and it made it easy for us to giv our opinion on things. whilst editing we all took turns and contributed on things. however in our prilim it was really one person doing the editing and the otehr perion dealing with the camera ect. but we over came that and contributed.

When getting audience feedback , we saw that many people saw a big improvemnt from the to filmingwe done , they saw that we took on board our mistakes and over camethem onour thriller. i think this was done by communication between our peers and teachers. Also the sue of technology allowed us to make this thriller, at the start of making our prilim we did not no anything about edditing we where struggling and finding the programe new , but over the weeks we improved astonishingly we leant how to use live type and sound. in our prilim we used final cut pro for our titles now we used live type and found better and more profesional.

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