Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 1 - Challenging conventions.

Some differences that our thriller uses from the introduction to DEXTER is that our title comes in slightly later, however we present our character much faster and the full image of the face and that allows to build suspense and allows the audience to help build a character on what kind of person he is.

In the 2nd shot of DEXTER, his looking in the mirror, similarly we have done that on our first, DEXTER 3rd shot compared to our 2nd shot is a bathroom scene which allows a sense of normality to these characters as they do ordinary things thought this still builds tension.

By Dexter's 4th shot, We have our title which then follows onto our title being showed again on a disc on the 5th shot. And Dexter's title is showed once at the beginning that's all, we kept reminding our audience of the name of the film giving a great stress and importance on the name "I.C.U"

Most of these shots, allows to build tension whilst conveying a sense of normality and all these shots give a sense of personality of what kind of person these people are. Dexter is seen to be a very clean and organised and healthy person, as where our character is seen to be scruffy, stressed  and this is presented by the mise en scene (such as smoking) and drinking tea and so on gives a sense of an adult life.

These are some of the ways on how our film develops and challenges forms and convention of real media productions.

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