Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Question 8 Progression to full product

The imagine above was a long shot, however the problem with this was that the angle that we shot it wasn't completely straight  and the the angle of the shot didn't allow us to follow another smooth shot which helped establish the next shot. With this prelim it allowed us to practice with various styles of shots, after realising, using constant fades and then bringing it back into the scene into the exact same spot to carry on was a difficult process and didn't come out as smooth as we wanted it to be.
So in final film we decided to work on our previous mistakes, we used a tripod and made the shot as steady and focused as possible, unlike the prelim which was very blurry. The way we constructed this shot was so it could follow onto a variety of shots from over the shoulder, close up or point of view. This gave us a range of shots to use, and gave us the choice as editors to pick which clip would allow us to present as much suspense within our film. We advanced our editing skills, and instead of using many fades to make it difficult to set up the next shot, we had extremely fast and sharp match-cuts to make it high paces and give a sense of rhythm which the prelim didn't not have.
 Also another problem with our prelim, was the lighting it was very poorly lit and the shots where very unstable as it was shaking disrupting the flow of the film as well as the professionalism of it. However since it was our first proper try we had and we have time to improve over time.
 In our thriller opening, we then took our previous problems such as lighting problems and the shots not being steady, to it being very well light, by allowing natural light to enter the scene, use a tripod and use a smooth pan to allow a sense of professionalism and less disruption of the flow of the film. This is what we improved on from out prelim which was our main problem and we improved greatly.

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