Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why: Question 4&5

Having looked onto youtube at other peoples media thrillers from different schools I have come across many successful ones, with amazingly outstanding number of hits. My film is a low budget student video which will be released on vimeo, embedded onto a blog, facebook, youtube, and be tweeted about on twitter, recieving hits from many people around the world.

 Our thriller is an independent low budget production company, i.e: us. It will get cinematic screening and shared screenings amongst peers and maybe family. It'll get a DVD release of 200 copies.

Cinema we will view everyones thriller movies on the 5th of April, is below at 'the screen.'
Other cinemas at which our thriller can be presented in:

Odeon Cinema Norwich with Selesti

Marketing Campaigne

I have thought about a particular style of marketing for our thriller, aswell as using social networking sites, sharing it between the world of friends and family, hoping for it to go world wide using the internet distribution of websites, youtube and vimeo. I thought that as our thriller is directed more towards the male audience, not only do men watch TV adverts, read leaflets and magazines that all contribute to raise awarness to our thriller release. TV adverts would help raise awarness to our thriller, as we can place it between football matches which mostly will attract the attention of males that our physiological thriller is about to be released, helping the box office numbers to rise, after the first day of release, what we hope is for the most effective way of advertisement, word of mouth to also help raise popularity of the viewing of our thriller. premiere, film, empire, similarly TV adverts, adverts before highly rated youtube videos and adverts on the side of facebook all can boost ratings.

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