Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation- Who would be the audience for our media product: Question 3.

 This is because we have male actors which is more interesting rather than the obvious a woman being "blackmailed". Using male actors will attract more male audiences, with the technology, this will draw in more of the younger generation and also because men begin the film. The typical target audience for our thriller is mostly males but with a wide range of ages, from 17 to 40.

Looking from a different point of view, I believe that women similar aged (17 - 40) would be interested in how good looking / sexy the men look, so this would also draw in the female audience. I did not want the women to follow the stereotype of being seen as weak and vulnerable so they had to play the role of someone filming them in their own house, and they get scared and call for help or something. I wanted an original clip that would interest all types of people from different age groups, with men going against their stereotype of being strong and not scared of anything, this would make the men even more interested to watch the film and be interested to see what happens further on in the film.
The type of audience we are trying to attract according to our thriller opening could be normal working/middle class men, that have a job, work 9:00am - 5:00pm, who likes taking their girlfriend to the movies once in a while, and are interested in physiological thrillers. As 'The Stepfather' is our inspiration it'll attract that type of audience, but our sceond half of the male in the living room using the laptop after picking up a package could attract everyone, so no one specific, as everyone uses technology and recieves letters everyday.
I have created a typical audience member for our thriller movie, I have included pictures of this target audience and  looked into depth of what type of person he is, this will give us a clear idea of who our thriller target audience is.
This is Huu Diep, he is 21 years old, studies at Queen Mary University, studying Finance, love spending time with his friends, going out to the cinema, but also very hard working and determined as a person who is working towards their future. He likes to shop at Topshop, Size?, JD Sports Fashion and River Island. Although he studies, he also works part time at JD Sports, he is very active, enjoys his weekends playing football as his hobby, also he likes to stay looking good for the ladies, always up to date with fashion and also smelling good, he has a collection of colognes. His favourite types of movies are thrillers, horrors and crime, his all time favourite film is The Stepfather. 
 In his bag:

- Lanyard (For Work)

- Blackberry & Case

- iTouch, Headphones (Dr,Dre Beats)

- Cologne (Chanel Bleu)

- Body Spray

- Wallet; Oyster Card, Nando’s stamp card, Subways Card

-  Car Keys (Drives a Civic Type R)

- House Keys

He makes sure he smell fresh all the time with his favourite cologne.
 His Civic Type R that he loves speeding down the motorway with.

After looking at my typical target audience it is obvious he enjoy's his free time, spending it on things he likes, after watching our thriller he said: "I want to carry on watching that movie, it looks really interesting, im sure my girlfriend would like it too as she would be looking out for the good looking men in the film. *he laughs*." I also noticed his favourite film was " The Stepfather " this may be the reason why he enjoyed our opening, as we have many intertexuality shots.

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