Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation: Question 8 - Progress during the project

As a group we have made a lot progress during the duration of this project. I'm going to compare the the first little film we did with our final thriller to go through where we have improved.  


The 'Prelim' was our first film and compared to our final thriller it seemed pretty low budget.

The camera work for the prelim seemed alright at the time but when we analyzed it the angle was uneven and looked unprofessional. We didn't use as much of a variety of shots as we did for the Thriller which means we didn't get as many match cuts as we would of liked whereas with the Thriller we had so many match cuts we had to cut quite a few out.

The Prelim didn't really portray the story as much as we would of liked it to because o0f the lack of angles and shot but the Thriller managed to tell quite a lot in 2 minutes and the shots proved effective.

The lighting in the Thriller seemed to be more effective because it kind of showed that it was the morning time whereas the lighting for the Prelim was quite dark although it was meant to be in the middle of the day. 


The props for the Thriller we almost perfect for the film and worked very effectively especially the cigarette which proved very effective when the main character put it out making it seem like the video sent to him made him stressed.  The kettle and cup of tea also set the scene making it looking he was having his morning brew even though in reality it was around 1 o'clock. For the prelim we did not have the right amount of props to set the scene and had to make due with what we could get which was very poor and I consider the Thriller a major improvement compared to the Prelim.

The location for the Prelim was inappropriate because we did not plan it properly so there was not much we could do but film inside a room in the college. This is what caused the poor lighting and bad scenery. The Thriller completely contrasts this because of the great house we got to use for the filming and the weather that day with cause the lighting indoors to be great.


The editing for the Prelim wasn't exactly terrible the there were less cuts and more dissolves and fades because of the lack of shots we had. The editing for the Thriller was done to the best of my ability so far and the cuts worked better than expected because of the amount of match cuts we had.


The main reason why our Thriller was so much better than out prelim was because we had the time to plan and get what was needed ready for the day that we were going to film whereas for the prelim we had a shorter amount of time to plan and so we produced a less than great piece of work.

As the project went on it we became more comfortable with all the software and equipment and this made us develop better films and instead. of me doing all of the editing everybody started to get involved

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