Thursday, 7 April 2011

Qestion 4/5 - Distribution

The most useful way of distributing out film was through the Internet, the Internet allowed us to share our video on Youtube and Facebook one of which is the largest socialising network right now allowing our film to be viewed by the masses, this also allows the thriller film to gain new audiences as Facebook has a large amount of young and middle ages people which can broadening the target audience and resulting in more views. When posting on Youtube we are exposing our film to other thriller lovers, as one thriller film will be recommended on the list beside the clip they are watching since it is similar this is another way we can gain more hits.

As the image above shows this was a previous students work, this has 19,715 views the reason why they have so many views is because they could have been promoting this through various social networks, and each time someone watches it, it adds a count on the Youtube hits.

How I plan to distribute my thriller film is the 200 DVD releases and the use of Youtube using Vimeo as well because it's a low budget film. When promoting my film I would have the film presented on something or somewhere, where my target audience would be. Mine would be an average male of the age of 20. I would have the thriller film in gym brochures info packs, on what extra activities they can do, or car magazines and mainly magazines which have women, as that will get the male target audiences attention this could be done by applying a picture on the "Sun" or so on.

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