Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evalutation - Question 4&5 - Distribution and Advertising

  I decided to research other people who had posted up their thrillers in order to see what kind of feedback they recieved and i was suprised to see how many views and comments they had recieved. By posting up the video on Youtube or Vimeo I would be able to post it on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and many other social networking site where i could recieve feedback from friends and they could also advertise it on their pages aswell.

 A small cinema will also view everybodys thrillers where afterwards i could also grab some feedback from the others and see what they had to say about it.

Our film will also be put on 200 dvds which means i will be able to show the thriller to family and friends aswell.

Advertising - I will post the thriller on facebook and see what feedback i can get from my friends and they can also tell me what i could improve on aswelll.

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