Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Detailed Analysis of Thriller Clip: Research

- What happens in the scene? -
In this scene we see two smartly dressed men walking through the airport lobby. They purposely collide with each other and drop their bags as it happens. They make direct eye contact for a second or so and the slyly pick up each other bag.

- What makes it suspenseful? -
Suspense is created in a variety of way. The way that the sound of his footsteps are hightened and the way is the camera lens blurs everyone out except for the two main men in this scene, this starts the tension. 
The antagonist of the film seems to be walking at a slower pace than the other man in a suit which kind of shows whos more important in that section of the film.

As the two men bump into each other after the brief moment when the two men bump into each other and drop thier bags and they apologise the two men look at each other for a second or son and it makes us wonder what may happen between the two but they just pick up the bags and walk on.

- What happens in the scene? -
In this scene the cab driver Max (Jamie Foxx) was tied down to his steering wheel as he was held captive.while shouting for help he draws attention to himself as a group of armed robbers try to rob him in the alleyway. Vincent (Tom Cruise) appears in the nick of time as the men are walking away with his briefcase. When they pull out a gun he raises his hands and and appears to of been in trouble but pulls out his gun and kills all the men and retrieves his briefcase.

- What makes it suspenseful? -
What makes it suspenseful is for the lighting of the scene, it was dark and set in an alleyway, this scenario connotes danger and death. Max then trys to get attention. We as the audience believe he has been rescued and now have a moment of relief: But it turns out the men who seemed to be heroes turned out to be the antagonist of the scene.

They take Vincents briefcase from the back seat and walk off leaving us wondering whats going to happen to the files and whats in it. We get a sigh of relief as we see Max does not get injured but Vincent has other ideas and decides to confront them un-armed. we are worried as Vincent does not know they are armed. There is a build of suspense as Vincent steps up because he may get shot, but in the midst of the suspense we fail to see remember that Vincent is a trained assassin as has the ability to kill them and to no suprise the tension is relieved as his abilities with a gun leads to the death of both the me as he retrieves his gun.

- What happens in the scene?  -
This is one of the final scenes of the movie and in this scene we see Max and Vincent left in engaged in a shootout on a train carriage to the death.
The  two men shoot until their ammo runs out. As they both run out Vincent draws for another round but as he tries he stops mid-drift and to our suprise he got shot by Max and admits defeat by sitting down on the seat.
After a short conversation Vincent dies Max and his female companion get of the leaving Vincent's dead body sitting on the train and we watch the train set off into the dawn.

- What makes it suspenseful? -
Probably one of the most suspenseful scenes. While Max and Vincent are firing the lights are out and all that can be seen is the flash as bullets are shot. The train goes into a tunnel as the shot being and the as that can be seen is the light from the shots being fired and they the darkness hides any trace of where the bullets are heading and once the firing stops there is the tense moment when you don't know where the bullets ended up who had been hit which was very tense. Vincent draws for another round but stops for a split second and the supsense is slowly cut out as when notice that Vincent had been shot and admits defeat. There is still a bit of tension due to the silence and the fact that Vincent sits down. Max and the girl (Jada Pinkett-Smith) slowly walk towards him adding more tension and once loosen up their posture you realise that it is finally over.

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